We Can Build You has been trading for almost 20 years. Originally located in Gladesville NSW, I relocated to the more inspiring vistas of the Blue Mountains in early 2001. WCBY was started as a one stop shop for all sculpting projects. I found after working in Visual Merchandising for a number of years that there was no one who specialised in commercial / industrial sculpting. I saw there was a need by companies and individuals who required custom built “sculptural” items. For example a sign company who need a 3D component for a sign, or a promotional or display company who want an unusual item produced in 3D for a campaign or event. Along the way I have diversified producing a wide range of products, including latex masks, costume components, awards and trophies. I have sculpted many original “plugs” for mannequins which have been cast and mass-produced for sale to fashion and retail outlets.

As a matter of fact WCBY sculpted mannequins are in use in department stores across Australia and as far away as the USA.
At WBCY I pride myself in customer service and treat small jobs with the same attention to detail as my large corporate clients.
I have worked for diverse major clients from the Australian Broadcasting Commission, supplying them with props for some of their productions, to Kylie Minogue’s production team, supplying some rather unusual modified mannequins for her Showgirl – The Homecoming Tour in 2007.

Check out my facebook profile to follow what has been produced in the WCBY workshop recently.