WCBY provide a comprehensive mannequin repair, refurbish and alteration service. If your mannequin is looking a little tired or has lost a few fingers in the retail battlefield I can give them a new lease on life. I can offer resprays and repairs to all fibreglass mannequins and body forms for less than it would cost to replace them, or if your shop floor warrior is beyond repair I can advise you on a suitable replacement your situation.
If you want a mannequin for a special situation, for example a mannequin to sit on a bicycle or perhaps balance on a surfboard. I can take an existing pose and reshape it to suit your requirements. In the mannequin gallery you will find shots of the mannequins that were modified for the Kylie Minogue "Showgirl - The Homecoming Tour".

With my experience working in visual merchandising I can work with you to design new mannequins or shop fittings. I can sculpt a new mannequin or body forms ready as a prototypes for moulding and mass production in fibreglass or plastic. WCBY has produced ranges of mannequin prototypes for mannequin houses like Sydney mannequin house "Ozmannequins.com". "Oz"mannequins are in use in stores around the world.

Have a look at the images in our Mannequin Alteration Gallery for examples of past projects.
Give the office a call or email to discuss your project.
Mannequin Design, Alterations & Repairs
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