Sculpting is a passion here a WCBY, and I enjoy nothing more than the challenge of creating something from a simple block of clay. I can produce a sculpture of just about anything, I have had commissions for pet sculptures of dogs that owners have lost and wanted to remember, to decorative garden sculptures, and corporate sculptures of fountains and awards statues.
I can embed metallic powders into my final resin casting which produces fantastic bronze and steel effects
without the prohibitive costs of hot metal casting. My bronze and steel fibreglass castings are perfect for use indoors and out, they will weather well and patina over time. Because I use metallic powders they are virtually indistinguishable from the more expensive hot castings. If you do wish to have a unit cast in the traditional manner in bronze or steel I can organise that for you too.
I can cast into any range of finishes including clear resins for glass effects, solid vivid colours, even mixed, swirled or speckled colours. It is truly only limited by your imagination. If you would like to have a mould made of an existing sculpture I can help you. I can make multi-section fibreglass, silicon jacket and high strength plaster moulds.
I can also repair damaged sculptures.
Commissioned Sculptures & Castings
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Have a look at the images in our Sculpture Gallery for examples of past projects.
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commissioned pet sculpture in fibreglass with bronze powder
commissioned dog sculpture in fibreglass with bronze powder
fibreglass cat fountain made for nightclub
commissioned garden sculpture