Casino elements

When WCBY started trading in 1996 the focus was on the production of sign components for the gaming industry. Since then I have diversified into many areas of sculptural production, however a large part of my business remains the supply of 3d sign elements for the industry.

I can produce simple or complex fibreglass elements for your designs, from single units to a production run. If you want to internally illuminate the element I can have components vacuum formed in a variety of translucent materials ready for lighting.
You may have a light box sign or neon which requires a 3D sign element to lift your display from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The design and supply of signs for clubs and retail is a very competitive industry, the addition of 3D signs has become an industry standard in most situations.
It may be a sign for a food court in a shopping center, hotel, or for sign on a shop front awning, I can produce fibreglass and vacuum formed 3D sign elements which can be used in a variety of situations.

Past projects.