Whether you require props or masks for a local production, a costume or awesome halloween mask to bowl your friends over at a party. Props, puppets, fibreglass or latex masks and costume components for a stage or film production, or a corporate mascot costume designed. WCBY can supply the right solutions for your budget.
We Can Build You has manufacturing experience in latex masks, fibreglass costume and armoury components,
as well as prop making. I can organise production from single to multiple units in latex, fibreglass or vacuum forming,
and rotational or injection moulding for big runs.
I have made props for major productions such as the ABC TV miniseries “Changi” and more recently some demanding props for the Kylie Minogue “Home Coming tour”. I have made custom latex masks for film productions, worked on costumes for promotional companies and specialty masks for cabaret performers.
I pride myself in giving small clients the same professional treatment as my large clients. I have made props and latex masks for small theatre companies and individuals, even for parties or Halloween displays.
How about an alien or zombie in the font window of your costume shop this Halloween!

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